Make a Little Change Today

There is a lot of advice across the internet with varying degrees of quality and veracity. Some of the best advice articles are packed with rich nuggets of wisdom, yet they might leave the reader overwhelmed because they don’t know where to start (or even how to get started).

The Little Change Difference

We know that big changes don’t take place for most of us overnight.

Those who achieve mastery over a skill or make a profound change within themselves usually do so by making a few small changes at a time that are related to their end goal.

Little Change is here as a repository of little changes you can begin making right away. In most cases there is nothing to buy, and in many cases you won’t need to leave your house.

These changes are small and might not yield the immediate gratification many self help gurus claim, but they do yield to profound, virtually effortless changes over time.

The changes suggested here are small shifts in the way you do things so there is no reason to leave the tab open for tomorrow, bookmark the page to review at some undefined time in the future or procrastinate in any other way. This is because the changes are suggested so that you can begin making them as soon as you are finished with the article.

We hope you return to Little Change frequently and use it as a tool for helping you accomplish your goals.